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Art Director and Media Manager with Architecture background and a solid experience in Communications.
Starting to self-express by drawing on papers when I was three years old, aesthetic and visual communication has always come quite natural for me. Over the years, I’ve grown these natural skills by graduating in Architecture, landscape in particular, merging my artistic nature with some typical architectural order and rigor.
The result of this mix has driven me toward art direction and graphic design, bringing aesthetic and layouts to digital projects and the huge world of communication. In my ten-plus years career I’ve covered many roles both as freelancer and inside a company, spacing from publishing industry to architecture, from media agencies to digital projects.
After spending the last years inside Architecture studios, now I’m delivering consultancies to different companies and industries, strongly believing that my hybrid professional nature should be enhanced and not covered.
I come from the beautiful Emilia region in the center of Italy and in my life as a student and professional I lived between my birthplace and big and fast cities like Milan and Barcelona. Here and there I’ve always learnt to be adaptive and very receptive to change, accepting a permanently evolving situation in both work and life.