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Natural Born Communicator with experience in project management and team leading. I help companies, brands, young students and professionals to reach their goals and make a step forward in terms of awareness, branding, community and the whole communication world.
Wishing to deliver everything at its best, I have co-founded Borderless Collective, a Milan-based network of creative freelancer who join forces in cool&creative projects (together we stand, divided we fall). Borderless spaces from communications to videomaking and graphics, from design to corporate consulting and teaching, from photography to content making.
I’ve spent 10+ years into Communications, some of them as Communication Coordinator at Lagente, a talent agency active in the fashion industry. There I’ve found myself mixing communication skills with the ability of team leading and project management, because I can’t help being hybrid!
In my previous life I’ve dealt with marketing in sport events, completed my studies in Milan and spent a period between London and San Francisco.
I practice sports on a daily basis, particularly basketball and yoga (did I tell you about my hybrid nature?) strongly believing that a good personal centering is important also in working life and relation with people.
Can’t wait to discover the next version of me. You know, at the end of the day we all are permanently becoming…