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Being able to tell a story is not something to be taken for granted. It is a talent I have always dreamed of having since I was a young girl, when I spent most of my afternoons feeding myself with documentaries, mostly biographical, of the great protagonists of art history.

Immersing myself in their lives, understanding their roots, gave me great strength. Strength that then inspired in me, while still at school, an interest in feminism, accompanying me over the years. In the confusion of the adolescent period, the stories of the great female artists in history gave me the opportunity to re-read my life according to a different, perhaps more universal lens, and it was from those afternoons that photography made its way into my imagination.

The right medium for me, which could give me the opportunity to tell stories. A choice that led me to attend the three-year Photography course at the IED in Milan, where I was able to discover a love for photojournalism, thanks to which I was able to bring together that adolescent feeling towards storytelling.

My interest in feminism and related issues has never abandoned me, still guiding me today in the choice and development of my photographic projects, analysing them from a social and political point of view, with an interest in the great battles of the past that determined their strength.

The aim is to lay the foundations for a new path aimed at listening, understanding and studying the evolution of the female figure in our society.