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Veronica Pierotti started playing with photography at the age of 8 with a Polaroid. In 2009 and 2010 exhibits at Forte dei Farmi with the projects “Forte d’Inverno” (Forte dei Marmi in winter time), cared by Ivo Saglietti, and “Il mio mondo in 10 scatti” (My world in 10 snaps), cared by Luigi Cariglio and Elena Givone.
After exploring nature and landscape photography, thanks to a National Geographic workshop, in 2011 and 2012 she won the competition “Amici delle Alpi Apuane”.
In 2013 Veronica participated at “Journalism and Radio/Television Journalism” by Eidos Communication in Rome and in that same period she also explored photojournalism and reportage.
In 2016 is one of the winners of a contest by Leica Italia on architecture and thanks to the Leica Akademie she dived into her biggest passion: street photography.
From here she started collaborating with many professional photographers and in 2016 Veronica is also second photographer at the Teatro La Versiliana.
In 2017 Veronica has been selected among the 50 finalists of the Intarget Photolux Award – Mediterraneo and her picture has been chosen among 1200 other to be exhibited in Lucca.
In 2018 she graduated with honors in Photography at the Accademia Professionale AreaDomani di Genova.
In 2019 Veronica opened her studio in Forte dei Marmi, working on events, portraits and design photography, collaborating with Visual Crew, Biznes Web Agency and Veronica Gaido.