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This is Veronica. Nice to meet you!
Who am I? That’s a very good question…

A bit head-driven, a bit belly-driven.
A bit schematic, a bit creative.

Once I was sure to become an event organizer, then the digital world simply got the best of me. So today I help small and medium companies to define their online presence through social media. Aka, I’m a social media manager.

Since I really hate labels, I don’t like to define myself with my job. That’s why I love being a freelance: I can allow myself to have an horizontal attitude instead of a vertical one.

In 2019, photography joined my working life. I mainly work with portraits and events coverage.

I love being involved in new projects, they’re like oxygen for me. As well as working in team and share ideas. I try to avoid stressful situations, self-referred people and liars.

I can define myself as a positive person, I always look for everyone’s best side. Irony is my best medicine!

I grew-up with music everywhere. I like theater and TV series.

Oh wait, last but not least: I seriously have a thing for dogs!